What is coaching?

Andreas Schimanietz

In football or tennis, everyone knows the effect of a good coach, he helps the athlete to victory by promoting the hidden talents and unconscious “success preventers” out of the way.
In the working world, time is characterized by increasing demands and constant changes.
I accompany you in your dynamic management process. In doing so, I use a method case based on the latest scientific findings in computer science, linguistics, neuropsychology and motivational research. Thereby, you can develop and consolidate your leadership skills. You can sustainably extend the way you think and act. I will work resources and solution oriented with you.

Coaching -even in a private context- gives you the opportunity to work on personal basic attitudes, to develop goals and unfold development potential. In times of crisis, coaching helps to deal productively with challenging or conflicting situations.
As a coach, I am able to identify and promote untapped skills and previously unused knowledge.