My coaching understanding

Andreas Schimanietz

What we think determines who we are. Our thinking determines our actions.
We think too little “consciously” and are constantly on the go with “autopilot”.
Now we can recognize that we – and only we – are responsible for our thoughts and thus for our lives.
That’s the wonderful thing! It’s OUR thoughts and so we can also train our THINKING to get what we want in life.

We may again learn to “feel”.
Emotions are the link between the OUTSIDE and the DEEPEST INTERIOR. Coaching not only promotes your desire to change on the cognitive level but also activates the emotional desire to actively implement and live this change.

My behaviour is characterized by high empathy, appreciation and absolute discretion.

All solutions and decisions are developed by you. I support you in the process of gaining access to your own resources and opportunities.

Are you ready to accept in this context:

  • That the responsibility for your life and your success lies entirely with you?
  • Anything is possible, what you can imagine?
  • You have the right to fully develop?
  • And it may be possible to awaken all the potential and release it?
  • Then, together we can go on this journey. I would be happy to assist you to realize “the life of your dreams”.